Short introduction

The focus is on our customers. As an independent family-owned enterprise with our own culture, strong values and engagement we persue the goal to bring our customers forward.

Since 1977, Wilken has been in the business of developing and distributing ERP-Standard software. With more than 520 employees at seven locations in Germany, Switzerland and Spain, the company has established itself as an independent producer, vendor, and integrator of applications for finance, accounting,and materials management, as well as corporate management. Like no other company, we combine standard software products and individual programming into a unique solution and competence portfolio for medium and large companies. Additionally, we provide solutions for many different industries like utility, social economy, tourism, health and insurance, churches, information management, and finance.

Wilken – more than software

  • Our own technology and development platform P/5
  • We think in the business processes of our customers
  • High consulting and integration competence
  • Intensive exchange with the users
  • Long-term customer relations
  • The event location ulmerflieger, which invites you to work and celebrate

Wilken employees – the foundation of the company

The success of our products is the performance of every employee. That’s the reason why Wilken provides more than just an employment with future. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential for a sustainable employee performance.


The weekly “Wilkness“ offers Wilken employees a variety of sports including badminton, volleyball, soccer, and climbing. This is not only to stay fit, but also to get to know your colleagues better in a private atmosphere.

Retirement arrangement:

In addition to the salary, Wilken pays into a company pension to make sure the employees are covered after their active working life.


Wilken has one of the best canteens in Germany. At lunchtime there are always two organic four-course menus to choose from.

Further education:

The Wilken Academy provides employees the opportunity to join internal seminars as well as external professional training.





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